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70 Floor border: P070 South Midwood 1910
Bands are 7/8" wide. Overall pattern width is 6-3/16" wide. Note that inside the squares is three rectangular pieces of wood. Inner field is fingerblock with 2" wide slats.

Right Angles

13 Floor border: P013 Park Slope Sportmen's Row 1889
A different way of doing a corner for this pattern. The 1" squares in the corner are dark wood (probably walnut). Those squares in the border are not dark (mahogany). This is a wide border. Including the 1/4" mahogany outer strips, the width is 15-1/2" wide. The corner is 12" square. See measured drawings.

Floor border: P013a
5 Floor border: P005 Bushwick 1897
Only two woods: mahogany and oak. I would jazz this up with a 1/4" feature strip of mahogany. Field is 8" square with 6 strips [they are not the same width]. The field parquet is straight, as there are no diagonals in the border. See measured drawing (also has enhanced version). See spreadsheet to calculate piece sizes.
25 Floor border: P025 From Old House Online
See source. Appears to have an overall border width of 12". To calculate piece sizes use chain spreadsheet. At the top enter 1 for strip width and 4 for ratio. For border enter: 2, 1.25, 1.25. Note no corner block used here. Field is a fingerblock (nine strips of 1-3/8" × 12-3/8") laid diagonally.
37 Floor border: P037 West Midwood 1915
Small square is 1". Hole in chain is 3" × 1". The corner isn't the proper corner for this border.