Four Twisted Ribbons

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X Crossovers

118 Floor border: P118 Clinton Hill Historic District 1905
Mahogany strips are 1/2". Inner bands are 2" wide. Making the pattern width 8" wide. Repeat on border is 12". Inner field is 1-1/2" slats in 12" fingerblock.

Rhombus Crossover

216 Floor border: P216 Crown Heights North II c1907
Mahogany bands are 1/2" with 1-1/2" oak between. Oak that fills the rhombus cut is 3/4". That gives a border width of 8". Surrounding is 2" oak. Inner field is diagonal fingerblock with 1-1/2" slats in a 10-1/2" square. The floor had a wax finish.
22 Floor border: P022 Lefferts Manor 1909
Has lots of 30°/60° angles. They should have been able to meld in the corner banding with the side banding and not had a separate corner block.
93 Floor border: P093 Crown Heights South 1913
Four twisted ribbons. Appears to be the same as the previous one. Dark bands are 1/2" wide. Spacing between them is 1-1/2". With border bands of 3/4", you get a inner border width of 8", or 12" with the surrounding strips. Inner field is diagonal fingerblock with 2" slats in 12" squares.

Box Crossover

41 Floor border: P041 Prospect Park South 1915
Has lots of 67.5° angles and an irregular trapezoid. It would have been very hard to make. This appears as #155 in the Boughton & Linville 1892 catalog on Page 10. Though the ribbon colors are reversed. Corner block is 12". Outer oak strip is 3/4". Inner band is 1/4". Outer bands are 9/16".