Parquetry and Floor Border Publications

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Slide Shows of Old Catalogs

I have made slide shows of the catalogs of American manufacturers I found at, plus the two I scanned myself. Missing is the S.C. Johnson one from Hathitrust. You can get an overview with the thumbnails, and deep link to each page. Move between slide shows.

Catalogs Viewable Online

Most in this section also have slide shows listed above. Not above is the S.C Johnson at Hathitrust, John W. Boughton at U of Houston, and the two European ones at the section end.

Catalogs Found only in OCLC: WorldCat

Hopefully someday the catalogs below will be scanned and move to the section above. Especially for the following American manufacturers that are listed below, and are not listed above.

Only in Libraries:

Found on eBay (where most of these can be found for sale):

S.C. Johnson,
Racine, Wis.
1888-ad thumbnail
S.C. Johnson,
Racine, Wis.
1891-ad thumbnail
Wood-Mosaic Co. &
National Wood Mfg. Co.
1893-two-ads thumbnail
Parquet Floors,
J.W. Vanderwerf
1894-ad thumbnail
Chas. B. Wells ad
for their floor
1890s-ad thumbnail
Jno. A. Smithe ad
for their Artistic Grille Work.
Also for parquet floors
and wood carpet.
Jno.A.Smithe-1899-advert thumbnail
Hollis Brothers
Hollis-Bros-1908 thumbnail
Stevens & Adams,
London, UK
1918-ad thumbnail

Other Prints