Two Line Meanders

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Left Facing

You can see a left-facing swastika in the pattern (the Nazis used a right-facing one). It makes for pretty corners.

96 Floor border: P096 Bedford-Stuyvesant 1897 
Border pattern width is 6", making the strip width 1.2". It is surrounded by feature strips of 2" oak and 1" mahogany. Inner field is diagonal fingerblock in four strips of 2" × 8".

231 Floor border: P231 Crown Heights North 1897 
Banding and spacing is 1-1/4" giving a pattern border width of 6-1/4". It is surrounding by 1-5/8" or 1-7/8" wide oak, then surrounded with 2" oak. Inner field is diagonal fingerblock with six 2" slats in a 12" square.

144 Floor border: P144 Park Slope Historic District 1891 
Mahogany bands and space between are 1-5/16". Pattern border is 6-9/16". Surrounding bands are 1-5/8" wide. Inner field is 1-3/8" strips in 12-3/8" fingerblock.

188 Floor border: P188 Stuyvesant Heights Historic District 1892 
Overall pattern border is 6" wide. Ribbon width is 1/5 of that. Surrounding oak is 2" wide. The mahogany strip is 1". Inner field is diagonal 11" fingerblock with 1-3/8" fingers.

258 Floor border: P258 Park Slope South c1905 

Right Facing

189 Floor border: P189 Stuyvesant Heights Historic District 1892 
The ribbon has 9/16" mahogany and 1/4" maple bands. The oak between the ribbons is 1-1/4" wide. Giving a pattern border of 6-5/8". Surrounding is 1-3/4" oak, 1-5/8" cherry and 2" oak. Inner field is diagonal fingerblock with 2" fingers in 8" square.

217 Floor border: P217 Crown Heights North II c1907 
All banding is 1-3/8" wide, giving a pattern border of 6-7/8" wide. Surrounding is 1-1/2" oak. Inner field is diagonal fingerblock with three 1-1/4" and six 1-3/8" slats making a 12" square. The floor had a wax finish.

228 Floor border: P228 Bedford-Stuyvesant Year? 
The floors in this house are being restored by the homeowner. Overall pattern width is 6-9/16" wide. Mahogany bands and oak background in the meander are 1-5/16" wide. Surrounded by 1-1/2" oak. Then surounded with 1-3/8" oak, 3/8" mahogany, and 1-3/8" oak. Inner field is diagonal fingerblock with 2" slats in a 8" square.


297 Floor border: P297 Ditmas Park Historic District c1900 

191 Floor border: P191 Prospect Lefferts Gardens Historic District 1906 
This is a wide border. This was in the parlor and down the middle of hallways. Strips are 1-1/8" wide, making the pattern border 14-5/8" wide. Surrounding is 2" oak and 1/2" mahogany, making the entire border 19-5/8" wide. There was no corner block. Note interesting inner field. Field squares are about 12-1/4" wide.