Single Folded Open Ribbon

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Zig-Zag Fold: 90°

31 Floor border: P031 Fiske Terrace 1906 
Folded. Border width is 5". Width of parallelograms calculated from that. Walnut strips are 1-3/8". Oak strips are 1-1/2". Making a total border width of 10-3/4".
106 Floor border: P106 Midwood Park Historic District 1904 
The pattern width is 4". The side strips are 1/2" for the maple and mahogany, and 1" for the oak. Giving an overall border width of 8". Ribbon is 1-1/2" wide. The inner field is 2" diagonal slats.
34 Floor border: P034 Midwood Park 1907-1908 
The pattern width is 4". The first oak strip is 1/2", the mahogany strip is 1/2" and the outer oak strip is 1". Making a total border width of 8". Ribbon is 1-1/2" wide. Spacing calculated from those.
67 Floor border: P067 Ditmas Park 1904 

Zig-Zag Fold: 30°/120°

69 Floor border: P069 South Midwood 1910 
Overall pattern width is 6-7/8". Mahogany bands are 1/2" wide. Inner field has diagonal slats 2" wide.
102 Floor border: P102 Bedford-Stuyvesant 1901 
The same as the previous, but with different feature striping. Inner field is diagonal fingerblock is 2" wide strips in an 8" square.

Receding Fold

110 Floor border: P110 Park Slope 1909 - Apartment.
Border pattern is 4-7/8" wide with 1-1/2" strips alongside. Giving a total border width of 7-7/8". Trapezoids are 1-3/8" high. Corner block is 4-1/8" with 3/16" border and then 1-5/8" border. Total block is 8-3/4" wide. The block does appear to be a little less! Field is 2" slats in 8" fingerblock.

Square Fold

All of these have the same dimensions. All were installed during a short time stretch. Five color banded folded ribbon. Woods: walnut: 1/2", maple: 1/2", mahogany: 1", maple: 1/2", walnut: 1/2". Border width is 6". Lots of 30°/120° angles in this one. Surrounding strips are " oak, 1/2" mahogany and " oak.

123 Floor border: P123 West Midwood 1908 
152 Floor border: P152 Ditmas Park 1907 
155 Floor border: P155 Crown Heights North Historic District II 1909 
This one has an extra plank between the border and inner field. They are mitered. The planks on the outside are never mitered.
170 Floor border: P170 Fiske Terrace 1908 
Inner field is 2" slats laid diagonally.
35 Floor border: P035 Midwood Park 1907-1908