Two Twisted Ribbons: 30°/120°

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Tightly Wound, No Openings

49 Floor border: P049 Crown Heights North I 1894 
Has 30°/60° peaks. This would have been harder to make. Ribbons are 1-3/8" wide. Field is fingerblock parquet with four strips of 2" × 8".

Gaps Between Ribbons: Ribbons Overlap

288 Floor border: P288 Crown Heights 1906 

239 Floor border: P239 Midwood Park circa 1930 
Oak and mahogany banding is 15/16" wide, giving a pattern border width of 5-5/8". Surrounded by 1-1/2" wide oak. Inner field is diagonal fingerblock with four 2" slats in an 8" square.

139 Floor border: P139 Lefferts Manor 1910 
Strips are 1" wide, giving a pattern width of 6". Inner field is 1-1/2" strips in 12" fingerblock laid straight.

98 Floor border: P098 Bedford-Stuyvesant 1897 
Strips are 1" wide, giving a pattern width of 6". Inner field is diagonal fingerblock in four strips of 2" × 8".

261 Floor border: P261 Lefferts Manor 1897 

232 Floor border: P232 Crown Heights North 1897 
Pattern width is 7" wide. Mahogany bands are 3/4" wide. Oak is 1-3/8" wide. It is surrounded by 1-1/2" rippled wood, 7/8" light mahogany, 1-3/4" oak, 7/8" mahogany, and 1-3/8" oak. There were no corner blocks. Inner field is herringbone fingerblock with 1" to 1-1/4" slats in about a 7-1/2" to 15" rectangle.

223 Floor border: P223 Crown Heights South c1901 
Pattern border is 5-7/16" wide. Mahogany and oak bands, and oak triangles height are all 29/32". Surrounded by 7/8" dark oak, 1" maple and 2" oak. Inner field is diagonal fingerblock with 2" slats in a 12" square.

Gaps Between Ribbons: Ribbons Overlap: Alternate Corner

184 Floor border: P184 Northern Bedford-Stuyvesant Year? 
This appeared in two rooms at this house. Each ribbon is 1-1/3" wide, giving the pattern border an 8" width. The inner ribbon is 3/8" walnut and 1/2" mahogany. Surrounding strips are 3/4" oak and 1/2" maple. Inner field is 2-1/4" planks in 11-1/4" square fingerblock laid diagonally.

292 Floor border: P292 Prospect Park South 1908 

109 Floor border: P109 Park Slope North 1889