Two Twisted Ribbons: 90°: Gaps

There is one basic twist here with 45° peaks. The ribbon can be solid or striped.

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Ribbons Intersect

Instead of one of the ribbons overlapping the other, this one has a different wood at the intersection. Though the grain is rotated 90° from the holes between the ribbons. This pattern can also be looked at as a chain of squares. This pattern could go around the corner. You cut in the middle of a repeat. For piece dimensions use: 2-Ribbons-90-Gaps-Intersect.xls spreadsheet

159 Floor border: P159 Ditmas Park 1903 

293 Floor border: P293 West Midwood circa 1910 

279 Floor border: P279 West Midwood circa 1910 

76 Floor border: P076 West Midwood 1905 

65 Floor border: P065 Ditmas Park 1904 
Bands are 1-3/4" wide. Inner field is diagonal slats 1-3/4" wide.

151 Floor border: P151 West Midwood 1908-11 
Ribbons are 1-3/4" wide. Inner field is 2" slats laid diagonally.

52 Floor border: P052 Crown Heights North I 1894 
This is the same as #21 with 1-3/4" for width of strip.

21 Floor border: P021 Lefferts Manor 1909 

157 Floor border: P157 Crown Heights North Historic District II 1909 

Ribbons Overlap

Spreadsheet: 2-Ribbons-90-Gaps-Overlap.xls

87 Floor border: P087 Prospect Heights Historic District 1901 
This is a more practical variant of the one below from the catalog with a triple-stripe band. You have mahogany and quarter-sawn oak ribbons on a maple background. 2-Ribbons-Gaps-Overlap spreadsheet will get the piece sizes, but not the quantity by wood type. Ribbon width is 1". Inner square is 3/4". Giving a 4" wide pattern with 1" wide oak strips along each side. A perfect size for a hall. One of my favorites. Inner field is fingerblock parquet with 1-1/2" wide slats in a 9" square.

282 Floor border: P282 Ditmas Park Historic District 1901 

190 Floor border: P190 Stuyvesant Heights Historic District 1892 
Pattern border is 7-1/2" wide. Surrounding is 1-5/8" oak, 1-3/8" mahogany and 2" oak. Inner field is 8" diagonal fingerblock with four fingers.

211 Floor border: P211 Fiske Terrace 1905 
Pattern border is 7-1/2" wide. Maple square is 2-5/8". Mahogany ribbons are 1-3/8". Surrounding is 1" oak, 1/4" mahogany, 1" oak, 1-3/8" mahogany. Inner field is 2" slats laid straight.

97 Floor border: P097 Bedford-Stuyvesant 1897 
The ribbon has a strip width of 1", giving the border pattern a width of 4-1/4". It is surrounded by feature strips of 1" oak, 1" mahogany, and 2" oak. Inner field is diagnonal fingerblock in four strips of 2" × 8".

15 Floor border: P015 From Parquet Floors and Borders, 1895, page 35.
See in I like the border continuing around the corner and there not being a corner block. A miter in the right place puts them together. I changed the feature strips from the picture to ribbons matching the inner twisted ribbons. The usual way. I made various measured drawings. See 2-Ribbons-Gaps-Overlap spreadsheet.

Alternating Overlap

251 Floor border: P251 Park Slope circa 1899 
This one alternates between


141 Floor border: P141 Prospect Lefferts Gardens 1915 
Inner squares are 1-5/8". Band width is 7/8". Inner field is 1" strips in 12" fingerblock.